PHP Developer

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium


You’re the genie in Spencer’s server and the foundation he leans on.

You’re a purist in code quality and performance. You build and maintain the technology that powers our gorgeous user-facing side. You determine all server-side logic and define and maintain the central database. You know how to leverage the right cloud technologies, and caching solutions to ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end.

You get creative to get the most out of advanced API of SaaS tooling, as well as (s)low performing system of records. You integrate a vast amount of API's and synchronisation schemes to expose one single unified API to the client applications. All while keeping our server-side optimal for maximum speed and scalability. In this way you create a Spencer API that hides complexity and performance issues from mobile, web and desktop applications.

To stay ahead, you know it’s important to dive into different and innovative technologies - and you love doing so. When you discover something new and interesting, you cannot wait to share it with your team members, eager to pass on new knowledge - and learn from their ideas as well!

In short, you create highly scalable web applications from scratch.



Because Spencer is a growing product, your work has a huge impact. Ideas and curiosity are expected and encouraged, as Spencer evolves with you. You essentially join a fast-paced environment, where one and all makes the difference.

Spencer’s secret ingredient are amazingly skilled and motivated people – your teammates. You work closely together to improve Spencer’s functionalities and user-friendliness, while optimising for the best possible performance.

Apart from the chance to flex your muscles working on a great product, Spencer also offers some extra perks. His offer includes a close-knit, informal culture, flexible hours, a healthy breakfast and lunch thanks to our in-house chefs.

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