DevOps Engineer

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium · Product Operations


When I say server, security, system admin, you say APIs and automation! You’re adamant that there’s no excuse for doing a boring job twice – that’s what automation is for.

It’s a law of the universe: something will break eventually… And that will be your time to shine!

You make Spencer run smoothly 24 hours a day, every day, all year long. You’re the guardian angel of Spencer’s infrastructure, ensuring success in building and migrating applications, software and services on the Azure platform and internal infrastructure. You’re just as devoted to high levels of functional and operational quality, as to making life easier for our developers and customers.

Your gift to our developers is your talent for automation. The automated processes and workflows you create and maintain help them launch scalable test, development, and production systems.

You also keep our application stacks clean, optimized and organized. You create development standards and guidelines and promote best practices in development setup, security patterns and deployment automation.



Because Spencer is a growing product, your work has a huge impact. Ideas and curiosity are expected and encouraged, as Spencer evolves with you. You essentially join a fast-paced environment, where one and all makes the difference.

Spencer’s secret ingredient are amazingly skilled and motivated people – your teammates. You work closely together to improve Spencer’s functionalities and user-friendliness, while optimising for the best possible performance.

Apart from the chance to flex your muscles working on a great product, Spencer also offers some extra perks. His offer includes a close-knit, informal culture, flexible hours, a healthy breakfast and lunch thanks to our in-house chefs.

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