Project Manager

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium


As a Project Manager, you're one of Spencer's most loyal sidekicks. While your teammates design and build, you support them in smooth daily operations.

You manage Spencer’s client integration projects from A to Z, making sure everything gets done within the agreed timeframe and budget. You bring your client’s input to the team, tackle the impact on the finer details of our day-to-day planning, and allocate company resources where they're needed.

You excel at producing user stories and refined backlogs. You know how digital products are constructed, and you dedicate that knowledge to guiding Spencer to greatness for your clients. You never lose sight of the user's perspective and the context Spencer will operate in. You know how to translate our client’s problems and opportunities into concrete product requirements, aligned with Spencer's DNA.

Our team members and clients will all see you as their rock. You clear obstacles out of your team's way and empower them to deliver the best Spencer. You're the glue that binds clients, developers and designers together, from pre-sales to delivery and aftercare.



Because Spencer is a growing product, your work has a huge impact. Ideas and curiosity are expected and encouraged, as Spencer evolves with you. You essentially join a fast-paced environment, where one and all makes the difference.

Spencer’s secret ingredient are amazingly skilled and motivated people – your teammates. You work closely together to improve Spencer’s functionalities and user-friendliness, while optimising for the best possible performance.

Apart from the chance to flex your muscles working on a great product, Spencer also offers some extra perks. His offer includes a close-knit, informal culture, flexible hours, a healthy breakfast and lunch thanks to our in-house chefs.

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